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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Spots in the park

There are plenty of things to do and see at Nago Pineapple Park.

At Nago Pineapp park, you can enjoy it on various courses.
Those who want to have a relaxing time leisurely following the "Pineapple issue".
Those who want to see themselves thoroughly, go to the promenade with the aerial garden after the pineapple issue.
Cafe space, restaurant and souvenir corner are prepared on the way. Please enjoy Nago Pineapple Park as you like.

Park Map

Nago pineapple park can do various ways of enjoying!
For those who want to enjoy slowly, take a pineapple and go around the garden in Switzerland.
Those who want to take a closer look can take a walk after the pineapple issue.

Garden map

1 Parking lot for large buses

Visitors coming in groups and tours can walk from here to the entrance.

2 Car rental / general vehicle parking

There is a large parking lot. If you are coming by car, please park here.

Three Personal reception desk & Pineapple train station

We sell tickets or exchange coupons. After purchasing the ticket, you will be greeted by a cute train that seems to have left the picture book. We will pick you up from the parking lot to the park entrance.

Four Pineapple Train Station

Get off the pineapple train and proceed to your desired route. If you come by car, you can take a train from this station to the parking lot.

Five The Pineapple Cart(Cart boarding gate)

The Pinnaple Cart is covered with cute decorations inspired by pineapples! Because it's a slow and easy ride, you can view the park thoroughly.

6 Mega Animal Garden × Pineapple SL

It seems that many Okinawa animals and insects are gathered by the sweet scent of pineapple. Explore giant animals with Pineapple SL (Train). Price: 200 yen for adults 100 yen for children (rates are subject to change)

7 Group reception entrance

Tour operators and customers coming in for groups and tours should enter from this entrance.

8 Dinosaur Adventure Tour Dinosaur Adventure Tour

After passing through the botanical gardens of the pineapple friends, there is an area for dinosaurs! Why do not you time trip in the mysterious times of dinosaurs? It ’s powerful and moving.


It is a shop stuck to pineapple thoroughly. Not only sweets and drinks, but also miscellaneous goods have become pretty pineapple. Freshly baked pineapple sweets are also on sale in the store.

Ten Jam production line (factory)

There is a production line for original products made from pineapple. The production line will be operational around June to September, the peak period of pineapple.

11 Tasting & Fruit Corner & Saisai Market

You can enjoy tasting of pineapple wine and juice using pineapple from Okinawa luxuriously. In addition, it is a shopping corner where you can find all kinds of Okinawan fruits and Okinawan souvenirs. Home delivery is also available.