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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Farmer support campaign Yuimaru

Farmer support campaign Yuimaru

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, tourism in Okinawa and demand for souvenirs dropped sharply.
The Nago Pine Garden Group includes pineapples, bitter gourds, and shikuwasa from farmers in Okinawa Prefecture.
We purchase and accept a large amount of agricultural products that represent Okinawa Prefecture, and manufacture products.
However, in the future, agricultural products that have lost their place due to the inability to purchase raw materials from farmers as before
I am afraid that we will have to dispose of it.
Sales of our original products made from agricultural products grown with love by farmers are
We believe that we can save as many farmers as possible.

The Nago Pine Garden Group, which has been walking with many Okinawan farmers, will continue to do so in this crisis.
We launched this "Farmer Support Campaign" project with the desire to continue accepting purchases from farmers.

Of infectious diseases

This year's corona wreck is unprecedented and unprecedented.
With the spread of the new coronavirus, events and banquets have been canceled, and the number of visitors and tourists has decreased due to self-restraint to go out.
Among them, the impact on primary industries, such as agricultural products that are difficult to preserve, can be serious. Although the number of tourists is drastically decreasing, we decided to purchase raw materials as usual to protect farmers. However, if this situation continues, we will be able to make similar purchases next fiscal year.

Planted with the belief in a bright future

Pineapples require two years to be harvested.
As of now, next year's pineapple is also growing.
And two years later, pineapples are growing at the same time.
Help the pineapple planted in the belief of a bright future.
The name of this campaign is "Yuimaru", which means "help each other" and "let's do our best together" in the Okinawan dialect.

Farmer support discount campaign implementation

As with pineapple, we also handle products made from Okinawa Prefecture's Shikuwasa, bitter gourd, and Kouri Island pumpkin.
We sell agricultural products that farmers have grown with love and proud products that are full of our commitment at the following stores at the farmer support campaign price.

・ Nago Pineapple Park
・ Kouri Ocean Tower
・ Ufuya
・ Pineapple House
・ Online shop Pineapple Kingdom

We sincerely ask for your support and cooperation in order to protect future, future, and Okinawan farmers.