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【Limited time / Limited quantity】 No sugar use Royal Sweet

We have started selling the original brand "Royal Sweet" of canned pineapple juice and canned foods characterized by a rich sweetness that you will not forget once you taste it.

Among the pineapples produced in Okinawa Prefecture harvested in the middle of summer this year, those with a sugar content of 13 degrees Celsius or higher were carefully selected and made into "juice and canned food" without adding sugar or water. Due in part to the long rains of the long-lasting rainy season, this year we will further limit the production volume and sell it.

* The sugar content of 13 degrees corresponds to "peaches, melons" when compared with other fruits.

"Because it does not use sugar, it is safe to enjoy it from children to adults" It is a limited product only at this time!

【How to consume juice】
・Cool well and leave as it is!
・ Split with carbonated water for a refreshing taste!
・ Smoothies, jellies, and cocktail bases are also arranged!

【How to eat canned food】
・ Enjoy the taste as it is!
・ Mix with yogurt and vanilla ice cream and arrange it!
・ As an ingredient for fruit punch!
・ For children's snacks!

■Purchase address■
In Nago Pineapple Park, it is on sale at "Nago Pineapple Winery Shop Area".
Both juice and canned goods will be sold in limited quantities. Thank you for your understanding.