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2022.08.07Event Information

【〜8/20】The bus that was in that drama is back in Nago!

The bus that was in that popular drama has returned to my hometown of Nago City!

This bus is on display at Nago Pineapple Park until August 20.
Let's take a commemorative photo in front of the bus and make summer memories!

■ Exhibition period of buses
- Until August 20

■ Bus exhibition location
In Nago Pineapple Park
Pineapple Gourmet Area "Brangus Kitchen"

This summer with everyone, Nago outing spot
Along with a cute retro bus in "Nago Pineapple Park",
To pineapples! To attractions! Be a gourmet! Let's "♪ Chimu Don't Worry!"