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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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【Grand Opening on July 16】 LA PIÑA DISTILLERY

This time, "Nago Pineapple Winery Co., Ltd.", a Nago Pine Garden Group, was born, and we have celebrated the 30th anniversary.
Taking this opportunity, we will have a grand opening of a new area "LA PIÑA DISTILLERY" in Nago Pineapple Park on July 16, 2022.

【Completion forecast perspective】

■Location of the new area
Location: 905-0005 Okinawa-ken Nago City Biimata 1195
Inside the Nago Pineapple Park Next to the container gourmet shop "Ballor Kitchen"

■Store Overview
As a distillery of pineapple brandy, in front of a factory that manufactures pineapple barrel storage liquor, which is rare in the world, the bar counter featuring objects with the motif of a pine-type distiller provides original menus and tastings, a merchandise sales area, and "BOMBON DE CHOCOLATE" (which manufactures and sells chocolate using liquor made at this distillery) Bonbon de Choco Latte).

■Product information (all products using materials produced in Okinawa Prefecture)
Pineapple vodka (no storage)
- Spirits of the Seekers
- Sugarcane lamb
・Moromi vinegar (functional food that can be produced from residual liquid after distillation and has a high citric acid content)
・Limited edition Passion Fruit Sparkling Wine (2017)

It shows the pineapple flower seen from above. The triangle around it evokes the image of pineapple leaves, and the design is reminiscent of a flame because distilled liquor is said to be a fire liquor.
The flowers are made up of 12 parts in a triple circle, giving the meaning of a clock or compass to indicate that the storage time and the →direction of the distillery from now on are diverse. The center leaf is an image of an hour hand or a magnetic needle.


【Logo Mark】

*This Distillery refuses to sell or provide alcohol to customers under the age of 20.
*Please cooperate in measures against infectious diseases (wearing a mask, hand sanitizer, wearing and removing a mask only when eating and drinking, social distancing).
*Please refrain from using the service if you are drunk.