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2022.05.23Event Information

【May and June Limited】 Happy during the rainy season with kiiro's floral pattern sweets!

The original sweets sold at Nago Pineapple Park are handmade at our own factory.
At kiiro, a confectionery direct sales shop adjacent to the factory that manufactures the sweets, "floral pattern sweets" are on sale for a limited time!

Let's convey gratitude to petite luxury & important people with kiiro's floral pattern sweets!
Period: Until the end of June
Purchase destination: Confectionery direct sales shop kiiro 1484-1 Miyasato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture

The fluffy dough that stands out for the freshness of lemon and the flower puff cake with understated sweetness have a light texture.
Flower roll cake with cute floral pattern is also recommended for birthdays and gifts!

By all means, take this opportunity with fresh sweets & baked goods freshly made in the factory
Why don't you express your gratitude of "thank you" and "congratulations"?