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2021.10.08 News

The set has resumed comparing the drinking of original wine

The Nago Pineapple Winery Shop Area, the only pineapple winery in Japan at the end of the route in the facility, offers a set of original wines brewed in-house. (Service resumed on October 1, 2021)

At the winery's bar counter, you can sip and compare 3 wines of your choice from 9 wines.
【Wine List】
Lagrima del Sol Pineapple Wine Sweet
Lagrima del Sol Pineapple Wine Dry
Summer Snow Pineapple Sparkling Wine Sweet
Summer Snow Pineapple Sparkling Wine Dry
Summer Snow Rosé Pineapple Sparkling Wine Sweet
・ Ryukyu Lemon Sikh Saku Sparkling Wine Dry
Nago Wine Red / Pineapple & Red Grape Sweet
Nago Wine White / Pineapple & White Grape Sweet
Nago Shikwasa Wine White/SeekEr Slightly Sweet

Please take this opportunity to enjoy okinawan pineapple and wine made with ingredients from okinawa prefecture.

* We will not provide alcohol to those who drive or customers under the age of 20.
■■■After 20 years old, I've been drinking■ ■