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2021.09.22 Notice

September 22nd is Seeker Day

Today, September 22nd, is "Seeker's Day".
Nago Pineapple Park, we manufacture and sell health drinks using seekers from Okinawa Prefecture at our own factory.

Famous health ingredients found in seekers Nobiletin includes: "Slimming hormone" by increasing the amount of "adiponectin" that is called The function of activating enzymes in muscles and utilizing sugars and fats as energy is expected to have.
It is said that it becomes easier to burn fat and can be expected to have a slimming effect.

Powdered seekers are said to have a higher content of healthy ingredients, especially than undesothered juice.


Nago Pineapple Park Nago Pineapple Winery Shop area, we handle additive-free seeker juice 100% healthy beverages recommended for recovering fatigue accumulated in the season and summer and resetting the function of the body.
[From left to right]
・ Delicious pine vinegar (pineapple & seeker)
・ Sea Sun Juice 100 (Seeker & Shiki Citrus)
Seeker raw liquid 100 (seeker)
Nagasik 勦勩勩
Ryukyu Lemon Seeker Sparkling Wine

Please take this opportunity to enjoy it.