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2021.09.18 Notice

This is pineapple too!

Thank you for your continued patronage.
About 120 kinds of pineapples are planted and exhibited in the park for both food and ornamental use.
"Piramilidas" of the genus Bilbergia of the bromelia family of ornamental varieties which had not moved anything for the past three years has bloomed.
It blooms in a limited place in the park, so please look for it by all means.

It is in full bloom until the thin red petals open up.

Bilbergia is also called "Tsutsuananas" and "Hanaanas" because it is tubular.
There are also many types of Bilbergia.

[Where to see Bilbergia Piramilidas]
Near the entrance of the park: The planting part from the fruit corner to the entrance of the park
Entrance of botanical garden in the park: Left side of the entrance gate of the botanical garden near the ice lorry entrance