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2021.02.26 New Products

Introduction of how to eat the new product "Pine Rich"

Learn how to eat "Pineapple Rchi Pine Rich", which was launched in January!

Among pineapples from Okinawa Prefecture, there is a sour taste harvested in autumn.
Using "Akimi Pine", I finished it with a mellow sweetness with a little.
There is plenty of pulp and pineapple juice in the container.

■■How to eat pine rich (when it is broken with carbonated water and finished refreshingly)■■

(1) Open the lid of the can a little and add the juice inside.

(2) Open all the lids of the can and add the pineapple pulp as you like.

(3) Pour in carbonated water.

(4) Mix gently and you're done!

There is no carbonated water for children, and for those who like alcohol, it is also for sake.
Pine rich filled with Okinawan pineapple that you can drink while eating
Make your time a tropical atmosphere!