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2021.02.11 Notice

Thank you for the yes market & fruit corner!

The "Yesay Market" and "Fruit Corner", which have been aging for a long time, will start construction today and be reborn as a new area.

We have walked with many customers, travel companies, tour conductors, and related parties for many years, such as group tours of large buses, stop-offs and shopping on school trips, and everyone supported the facility.

For a long time, sales of pineapple-used products and local souvenirs and miscellaneous goods will continue to be offered at the new shops SWEETS DE PINEAPPLE - Sweets de Pineapple - and Nago Pineapple Winery - Nago Pineapple Winery Shop Area.

To a better area tailored to the times and the needs of our customers.
Thank you very much for your long patronage of "Yesay Market" and "Fruit Corner".

We will guide you again when the new area is completed.