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2020.08.19 New product

"Royal Sweet" will be released this year as well! Sale starts August 20!

At this time when the pineapple of Okinawa grows the sweetest in a year, we carefully selected and produced summer pine with a sugar content of 13 degrees or more.
"Sweet-free Pine Juice & Canned Royal Sweet" But this year too Available in limited quantity from August 20th We will start!
(*Canned pineapple will be on sale from September 1st)

The "Royal Sweet", which is released every summer and autumn, is a popular product with many repeaters from both inside and outside the prefecture!

■Released stores (from August 20, 2020)■
Nago Pineapple Park (Nago City)
Kouri Ocean Tower (Kouri Island, Nakijin Village)
Pineapple House (Naha City)

■ Online sales (from August 20, 2020) ■
Pineapple kingdom

It is a popular product with limited quantity sold out every year, so please buy as soon as possible.