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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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2020.09.01 Notice

About the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures [latest]

Nago Pineapple Park is implementing the following contents as a new coronavirus infection and infection prevention measures, placing the highest priority on the health and safety of customers and staff.

Basics to prevent infection

① Secure social distance for customers and staff (basic 2m, minimum 1m)
(2) Avoiding close/close/closed
③ Frequent ventilation system (at least once an hour)
④ Wearing a staff mask
⑤ Hand washing & disinfection with alcohol (more than 30 seconds, carried out with water and soap)
⑥ Hygiene management and safety management of food and provision space

Requests to visitors

(1) Please refrain from entering the park if you feel unwell due to a fever of 37.5°C or higher or a cold.
(2) Please wash your hands and disinfect the facilities frequently.
③Please cooperate in wearing a mask at all times.
(4) Please avoid getting close and secure a distance with other customers.