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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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2020.07.08 Notice

[Information for MI Card member benefits start]

Thank you for your continued support.
Nago Pineapple Park is now available for customers with MI Cards
We would like to inform you that the special benefits will be implemented as follows.

[Card member benefits]
Pine chocolate chinsuko (1 per person) as a gift I will do it.

*Credit cards cannot be used to pay at the entrance fee.
* At the reception desk at the time of admission, please tell us that you are a card member issued by MI Card Co., Ltd.
Please show your card.
*Cannot be combined with other special offers, benefits and coupons.
*Special treatments may change or end without notice.

Please refer to the following for applicable cards.

MI Card members are welcome to use this special benefit.