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2020.03.24 Notice

[Notice of winery renovation]

Today's weather is sunny and the temperature is 22 degrees.

Currently the first pineapple winery in Japan next to Nago Pineapple Park

Renovation work is underway in some areas of Nago Pineapple Winery.

Including pineapple wine using pineapple from Okinawa,

We brew and produce sparkling wine, juice, and undiluted juice products.

Speaking of Okinawan sake, "Pineapple wine" so that many customers can know

We are preparing to build a facility that focuses on pineapples, and it is scheduled to be completed around 2020 Golden Week.

Uses the finest Okinawan pineapples grown by pine farmers.

It features a gorgeous and fruity aroma.

Recommended for those who have not yet drunk pineapple wine and those who are not good at wine.

Tasting is also available in the park, so if you are not driving, please try it.


* Alcohol has been turned 20 years old.
※ We do not accept tastings for customers who drive.