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2020.03.10 Notice

[New shop GRAND OPEN] SWEETS DE PINEAPPLE / Introduction of new products

This time, we opened a new shop on February 26, 2020.

The store name is "SWEETS DE PINEAPPLE".

It is located at an ice lorry parlor that has passed through the botanical gardens (formerly called garden area) of pineapple friends.

It is a shop stuck to pineapple thoroughly.

Not only sweets and drinks, but also miscellaneous goods have become pretty pineapple.

To make it easier to purchase long-selling existing products,

The package has been renewed and individual packaging type is also available.

[Kasutera with original pine pulp] One, two, three bottles sold / individual packaging sold
Kasutera, a long-selling product, has enhanced its taste and packaging.

[Pineapple pie] Sold individually / Sold individually
The compatibility of jam and dough that has been carefully boiled down is outstanding.

[Pineapple cookies] [Pineapple financier without additives]
New in 3 flavors! Please enjoy the taste of the ingredients.


[Recommended pineapple sweets that can only be tasted here]

There is a bake corner in the store that can provide freshly baked sweets.

● Pineapple Corne ● Pineapple Ganache Tart ● Pineapple Baked Pie

It is sold only at this store in Okinawa, so please enjoy it when you visit the park.

We look forward to your visit.