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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Video / Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

  • Pappa Pineapple Okinawa E-motion2019 in ASOBEACH!

  • Nago Pineapple Park PV (long ver.)

  • Pappa Pineapple Dance Eisaa (Full ver.)

  • Pappa pineapple! Dance (1 min)

Photo gallery

Facility appearance / interior view

The Pineapple Train

Pineapple Cart

[Renewal OPEN/Nago Pineapple Winery Nago Pineapple Winery

[Grand OPEN/Grand Open] Sweets de Pineapple

[NEW AREA / New Area] Mega Animal Garden x PineappleSL Mega Animal Garden & Pineapple SL

Pineapple field


[Area expansion] Dinosaur Adventure Tour Dinosaur Adventure Tour

Restaurant, cafe, eat-in space

The Pineapple Food Truck