Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Let's indulge in all the pineapples
in our café and restaurants.

Try out the famous pineapple ice cream or the big pineapple parfait and make some great memories.​ ​

You'll be surprized by the 37cm tall parfait!

Big Pineapple Parfait

1,400 yen (excluding tax)​ ​

"Palm Tree" Restaurant

We have the big parfait full of pineapples which you can only get at the pineapple speciality shop. From fresh pineapple, pineapple ice cream, pineapple sherbet, pineapple cookies, to pineapple jelly, you can enjoy all the different flavors of pineapples at one place.

Cream puff with generous amount of pineapples!

Pineapple Bowl

270 yen (tax included)

Pineapple cafe

Nago Pineapple Park's new iconic original sweet! Aside from the refreshing sweetness of fresh cream and cheese cream, there's plentiful pineapple fruit in it! The perfect balance between with the crispy puff texture is fantastic.

Crispy and refreshing!

Pineapple Ice-cream

310 yen (tax included)

Parlor in front of pineapple café entrance - pineapple café

Based in vanilla, it is a soft cream that can feel the fruity sweetness of pineapple. It is sold at a pineapple parlor near the park entrance.

Tasting spot

Let's rest for a while after explore the park. How about something cold and sweet?

Restaurant "Palm tree"

Restaurant "Palm tree"

If you want to enjoy some speciality dishes from Okinawa, this is the place that will fulfill your wishes. You can find Okinawa soba, Taco rice, and dishes using "Agu Pork" from Okinawa.
​ ​【Opening Hours】 10: 30 ~ 17: 00​ ​
​ ​(Dining Last Order: 16: 30)​ ​
​ ​【Business day】 7 days a week

Pineapple cafe

Pineapple cafe

A café has opened where you can view the scenery together with the huge pineapple monument; a symbol of Nago Pineapple Park. How about a cup of coffee with some delicious sweets such as parfait, pineapple bowl and ice cream?
​ ​How about a cup of coffee with delicious sweets such as parfait, pine bowl and soft cream?​ ​
​ ​【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 18: 00​ ​
​ ​【Business day】 7 days a week


Pineapple Park original ice candy is sold. A colorful array of popsicles with a tropical feel. The recommended flavor is pineapple with pulp. The refreshing taste of pineapple spreads.

Tasting · Tasting Corner

Tasting · Tasting Corner

You can taste the goodies made in the pineapple park! We have a variety from the freshest pineapple wine to juice and the popular pineapple castella. For the sweets, there coener is full of pineapple products including chocolate with a delicate flavor, crunchy pie, and Okinawan biscuit. Do give them a try before purchasing.​ ​