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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Nago Pineapple Park


Enjoy, Learn, and Savor
the pineapples.

Welcome to the pineapple paradise

You can see our pineapple fields, colorful flowers,​ ​
and blooming plants grown like a jungle in the park.​ ​
You can also learn the history of Okinawa's pineapples
​ ​from the lectures we conduct and from our resources.
Sweets and sweets using pineapple are also available.

Have fun

​ ​It's just like a jungle!
​ ​Let's go to the adventure!​ ​

Just like an overseas jungle, you can see a lot of tropical plants grown inside our park. There is a promenade that runs not only across the jungle on the ground, but also in the air. Feel and enjoy the amazing experience of watching the gigantic plants closeup.



​ ​How much do you know​ ​
about pineapples?

Everyone knows pineapples. But there are things that you don't know about them in great detail, right? "What is the place of origin of pineapples?" "Are there different varieties of pinapples?" "Pineapple wine?" Let's learn about pineapples.



​ ​Let's have some​ ​
​ ​delicious pineapples!

Nago Pineapple Park has café corners and restaurants where you can have fresh pineapple juice, ice cream and big parfait right inside. You can also take home our Castella and wine made from pineapples as souvenirs.



All kinds of famous items
​ ​made from pineapples

Carefully selected fresh pineapples are processed into original sweets, wines and juices while preserving their deliciousness. Pineapples which are not suitable for eating are made into cosmetic items and charcoal etc., so we strive to utilize the rich resources of Okinawa while maintaining zero-waste.



\ Introducing the areas in the park /

The Pineapple Train

If you park your rented car in the parking lot, our pineapple train will come to pick you up. It's so exciting to ride the train while looking at the pineapple fields that are spread across the park!

The Skywalk​ ​

The promenade that protrudes into the sky is like floating in the jungle. Please enjoy the powerful plants you see in front of you. Look for the area where many ornamental pineapples are planted.

[2020/02/26 OPEN] SWEETS DE PINEAPPLE-Sweets De Pineapple-

It is a souvenir shop that is particular about pineapple. Not only sweets and drinks, but also miscellaneous goods are cute pineapple! Fresh sweets that can only be eaten here are also exquisite.

Dinosaur Adventure Tour

Dinosaurs Nago Pineapple Park I came to! Do you not time-trip in the mysterious times of the dinosaurs? It is a powerful score when it moves or sounds.

Mega Animal Garden × PineappleSL

Okinawan animals and insects are gathered by the sweet scent of pineapple. Explore the garden with the cute Pineapple SL train!


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