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Nago Pineapple Park 【Entrance Fees】

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Nago Pineapple Park


Enjoy, Learn, and Savor
the pineapples.

Welcome to the pineapple paradise

In our garden, pineapple fields and colorful flowers,
You can appreciate the plants that grow like a jungle.
There are other lectures about pineapple,
You can also learn about the history of pineapples in Okinawa from materials.
We also offer pineapple sweets and sweets.

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農家応援キャンペーン「ゆいまーる 」終了いたしました

Have fun

​ ​It's just like a jungle!
​ ​Let's go to the adventure!​ ​

Just like an overseas jungle, you can see a lot of tropical plants grown inside our park. There is a promenade that runs not only across the jungle on the ground, but also in the air. Feel and enjoy the amazing experience of watching the gigantic plants closeup.



​ ​How much do you know​ ​
about pineapples?

Everyone knows pineapples. But there are things that you don't know about them in great detail, right? "What is the place of origin of pineapples?" "Are there different varieties of pinapples?" "Pineapple wine?" Let's learn about pineapples.



​ ​Let's have some​ ​
​ ​delicious pineapples!

Nago Pineapple Park café corner, eat-in space and bar counter where you can enjoy every corner from pineapple Cornet tart pizza to juice and soft serve ice cream. You can also take it home as a souvenir such as castella and wine using pineapple.



All kinds of famous items
​ ​made from pineapples

Carefully selected fresh pineapples are processed into original sweets, wines and juices while preserving their deliciousness. Pineapples which are not suitable for eating are made into cosmetic items and charcoal etc., so we strive to utilize the rich resources of Okinawa while maintaining zero-waste.



\ Introducing the areas in the park /

Pineapple Train ※Irregular service


The Skywalk​ ​

The promenade that protrudes into the sky is like floating in the jungle. Please enjoy the powerful plants you see in front of you. Look for the area where many ornamental pineapples are planted.

【2020/02/26OPEN】SWEETS DE PINEAPPLE −スウィーツ・デ・パイナップル−

It is a souvenir shop that sticks to pineapple. Pineapple not only sweets and beverages, but also miscellaneous goods and cosmetics! Freshly baked sweets that can only be eaten here are also exquisite.

Dinosaur Adventure Tour

Dinosaurs Nago Pineapple Park here! Why don't you take a time trip to the mysterious age of dinosaurs? It is powerful when moving and squealing. The jungle is directed by an ornamental pineapple called Ananas.

【不定期運行】Mega Animal Garden×PineappleSL


【2022/07/16 OPEN】 LA PIÑA DISTILLERY ラ・ピーニャ ディスティラリー

パイナップルブランデーの蒸留所として、世界でも珍しいパイナップルの樽貯蔵酒を製造する工場を前に、パイン型の蒸留機をモチーフとしたオブジェが特徴的なバーカウンターでオリジナルメニューや試飲の提供、物販エリアほか、当蒸留所で造られるお酒を使ったチョコレートを製造・販売する「BOMBON DE CHOCOLATE」(ボンボン・デ・チョコラテ)を併設する。

【2020/07/04RENEWAL OPEN】Nago Pineapple Winery

The only pineapple winery in Japan. We manufacture pineapples from Okinawa prefecture to wine, sparkling wine, blended wine, vinegar, juice, canned food, and health drinks made from Okinawan ingredients at our own factory adjacent to each other. We also offer drink comparisons and original drinks.


パイナップルグルメをイートインでもテイクアウトでも楽しめる新エリア。ナゴパイナップルパークでしか食べられない、パイナップルが主役なグルメやスイーツを提供。 ※土日祝オープン 雨天時等は一部コンテナ商品を別店舗にて販売いたします。

パイナップル型WOOD絵付け体験 ※臨時休業中

Let's make our own pineapple! From children to adults, you can have fun and challenge. Paint your favorite color on the pineapple-shaped object to make memories. Please use it for interior and souvenir!


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