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Pineapple making
Popular products are slick.

At Nago Pineapple Park, we signed a contract with a pine farmer in Okinawa Prefecture, and we strive to protect the pineapple from Okinawa Prefecture by buying all the pines regardless of the failure and failure of that year.
Carefully selected fresh pineapple is processed into original sweets, wine and juice as it is, delicious pineapple which is not suitable for raw eating · Cosmetics · Charcoal etc and make use of the grace of Okinawa without leaving any waste We also focus on.

Leave the taste of pineapple intact

I used pine.
Original sweets

Introducing original sweets such as "Pine Chocolate Chop Soup" and "Pine Chocolate Chop Soup" covered with original pine chocolate and "Pineapple cake", which is a staple of Okinawa souvenir, including original fresh pine flesh filled Kasurita released since 1985.


Japan's first pineapple winery

Juice · wine

In 1992, Nago Pineapple Winery was born for the first time in Japan as "Pineapple". The only pineapple wine in Japan is a pleasure as a souvenir of Okinawa.
Juice and wine that bring out the refreshing acidity of pineapple to maximize sweetness is an exceptional taste unique to Okinawa.


Cosmetic & miscellaneous goods brand from Okinawa

Pineapple cosmetics

Additive-free soap stuck to materials and domestic products from Okinawa · Additive-free cosmetics · Natural miscellaneous goods


Nago Pineapple Park Original

Character Goods

The main character "papipal kun" with its pineapple motif and its family.
Nago Pineapple Park has plenty of cute plush toys and key holders that you can only get at.