Nago Pineapple Park 【entrance fee】

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Spot inside the park

There are plenty to see and do in Pineapple Park.

At Nago Pineapp park, you can enjoy it on various courses.
Those who want to have a relaxing time leisurely following the "Pineapple issue".
Those who want to see themselves thoroughly, go to the promenade with the aerial garden after the pineapple issue.
Cafe space, restaurant and souvenir corner are prepared on the way. Please enjoy Nago Pineapple Park as you like.

Garden map

Nago pineapple park can do various ways of enjoying!
For those who want to enjoy slowly, take a pineapple and go around the garden in Switzerland.
Those who want to take a closer look can take a walk after the pineapple issue.

Garden map

1 Pineapple field

A vast pineapple field was born as a new highlight! Take the pineapple train and learn about pineapple fun and go round the field and guide you to the garden.

2 Pineapple train ride station

It looks like a cute train newly emerged from the picture book. We will pick you up from the parking lot to the garden entrance.

3 Pineapple issue (cart entrance)

Pineapple issue which cine decorated image of pine! As the cart goes slowly at a slow speed, you can carefully appreciate the inside of the facility.

Four Big Pineapple

As you walk through a little pineapple, you can see a wide pine field. There is a big pine monument which is also a symbol of pineapple park. Take a memorial photo with the wide sky.

Five Aerial walking path

After getting off the pineapple issue, if you want to see plants a little more please proceed to the promenade which is the second floor part. It is surrounded by the plants as far as you can see as 360 degrees and you may be able to experience as if walking in the sky of the jungle.

6 Restaurant Palm Tree

Those who want to eat something other than pineapple. It is here that you can answer the request of those who want to eat Okinawa-like dishes. You can also cook with Okinawa soba or taco rice, Okinawa origin "Agu pig".

7 Pineapple cafe

A monument of a large pine which is also a symbol of pineapple park. A cafe that overlooks the scenery opened. How about a cup of coffee with delicious sweets such as parfait, pine bowl and soft cream?

8 Shopping corner

We have a variety of products ranging from best-selling pine Castella, pineapple-based sweets and canned fruits and juice made at our factory, wine and sparkling products such as pine, to Okinawa's standard souvenirs.