Nago Pineapple Park 【entrance fee】

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have fun

Pineapple and
Enjoy the world of tropical plants.

Surrounded by pineapple, various flowers and trees, green enough to cover the sky seems to have gone into a subtropical jungle. Feel plenty of scent of tropical country.

Play pineapple
"Four points"

At the beginning is from here

Pineapple train

Everyone who coming by car will stay at the parking lot once. Let 's get on the pineapple train, not walking from there to the entrance to Nago Pineapple Park!
While feeling the wind in the open feeling car, go through the large pineapple field spreading in front of you and take you to Nago Pineapple Park.

Easy to use because it is a cart

Pineapple issue

Nago Pineapple Park is a very large facility. It is nice to see it carefully, but it is very hard to walk everything. rest assured! Let's start with the pineapple issue. Pineapple issue which cine decorated image of pine!
Since the cart is an automatic operation, you can go with confidence. As the cart goes slowly at a slow speed, you can carefully appreciate the inside of the facility. Enjoy colorful flowers and plants as well as pine fields.

Not only on the ground but also on the second floor

Aerial walking path

After getting off the pineapple issue, if you want to see plants a little more please proceed to the promenade which is the second floor part. Also at this place narrow flowers and flowers and trees are planted, surrounded by the plants as far as 360 degrees can see, just like jumping over the jungle and enjoying the experience as if you are walking in the sky.

Let's take pictures with the spot you set up

Photo spot

There are various photo spots in the park. When you look closely at the monument of the large pineapple rising in the middle of the field and the promenade, there are guardians of Okinawa "Shisa" here and there.
There are plenty of photogenic places such as a couple seat that can be sit with two people else! Why do not you try looking for various things.