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Nago Pineapple Park


Enjoy, learn, taste.

Welcome to the paradise of pineapple

In our garden, pineapple fields and colorful flowers,
You can appreciate plants like jungle.
Other lectures on pineapple and
You can also learn the history of Okinawa's pineapple with materials.
Sweets and sweets using pineapple are also available.

have fun

It's like a jungle here!
Let's go to the adventure!

As in the overseas jungle, the inside of the park is growing a lot of tropical plants. A promenade that runs around the jungle is prepared not only on the ground, but also in the air, please enjoy a powerful experience of seeing plants that grew big up close.



About pineapple
I know?

Pineapple anyone knows. But you do not know well in detail? "Where is the origin of pineapple?" "Do you have any kind of pineapple?" "Let's learn about pineapple?



Delicious pineapple
Bon Appetite!

Nago Pineapple Park has café corners and restaurants where you can have fresh pineapple juice, soft cream and big parfait at the spot. You can also take home as a souvenir such as Castella and wine using pineapple.



Pineapple making
Popular products are slick

Carefully selected fresh pineapple is processed into original sweets, wine and juice as it is, delicious pineapple which is not suitable for raw food is made into cosmetics, charcoal etc, and by using the grace of Okinawa without leaving any waste to zero We also focus on.



\ Introducing the spots in the park /

Pineapple train

If you stop rent-a-car at the parking lot, we pick you up at the pineapple train. I'm excited about the train going forward while watching the pineapple field spreading on the premises!

Aerial walking path

The promenade which protruded in the sky seems to be floating in the jungle. Please enjoy the powerful plants seen in front of you.

Pineapple winery

We have a factory in Nago Pineapple Park. So we make juice and wine made from pineapple. Tasting can also be done so please try it.


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